Ladies Intermediate Class

This program is designed for all playing levels with a focus on fun and a few laughs in a relaxed ladies only group. 

The intermediate classes are a great mix of ladies, both who have been improving their golf with us through our beginner classes, private lessons or from different golf clubs around the area.

Every 10 weeks, with consultation of the participants we create a new program which will run over the upcoming weeks. We try to cover any common problems, troublesome shots encountered on the course or general swing improvements, designed to lower your scores and enjoy your golf even more!

The same subject will be taught on all 3 classes each week giving you the flexibility to book on any day knowing you won't miss that lesson subject.  

This class is taught by our PGA professional Bobby Walia. Click on their names to read biographies about them.

Lesson Structure

  • 1 hour of social and relaxed golf instruction.
  • Program covers all areas of the game from full swing to chipping and putting.
  • Groups are welcome, including seniors.
  • Maximum 6 per class.
  • Lessons will take place on driving range, putting green and short game area dependant on lesson subject. 


1st, 4th & 29th - Chipping & Putting

8th & 11th - Irons

15th & 18th - Bunkers & Pitching

22nd & 25th - Long Game


1st, 5th & 29th  - Chipping & Putting

8th & 12th - Irons

15th & 19th - Bunkers & Pitching

22nd & 26th - Long Game


3rd, 6th & 31st  - Chipping & Putting

10th & 13th - Irons

17th & 20th - Bunkers & Pitching

24th & 27th - Long Game


3rd, 28th   - Chipping & Putting

7th & 10th - Irons

14th & 17th - Bunkers & Pitching

21st & 24th - Long Game


1st, 26th & 29th  - Chipping & Putting

5th & 8th - Irons

12th & 15th - Bunkers & Pitching

19th & 22nd - Long Game


Every Wednesdays 10am - 11am
$30 per person.

Every Saturday 10am - 11am
$35 per person.

PLEASE NOTE - All bookings must be pre paid in order to confirm your place within the group

Please call Sydney Golf Academy on (02) 9662 5109 for bookings.

Terms and conditions