Commercial Activities

Moore Park Golf is a popular choice for commercial activities, including filming and photography shoots, corporate events and activities, third-party tournaments and media backdrops.

All enquiries regarding commercial activities at Moore Park Golf should be directed in the first instance to the Moore Park Golf Office on (02) 9663 1064 or

Filming and photography shoots

Moore Park Golf complies with the filming and photography policies and procedures of the Centennial Park and Moore Park Trust (Trust).

The Trust is committed to supporting a professional film and television industry that produces content for domestic and overseas markets and recognises the economic benefits that film and television production activities can bring to our local economy.

While we will endeavour to accommodate all reasonable requests for access to Moore Park Golf's facilities for film or photographic activities, our core responsibility remains the protection of the golf course and facilities and the accessibility of the golf course to its many Members and visitors.

We will make every effort to minimise any inconvenience that may occur during filming and photographic activities.

Please contact the Moore Park Golf office on (02) 9663 1064 to make a filming and photography enquiry.

Commercial Events and activities

Moore Park Golf has hosted a number of commercial events and activities in recent years, including product launches, fashion events and advertisements.

If you have a proposal for a commercial event or activity at Moore Park Golf, please contact the Moore Park Golf Office on (02) 9663 1064 or

Hosted tournament enquiries

Moore Park Golf has been selected as the venue of choice for a number of tournaments and golf events over the last decade, including the City of Sydney Open, the 2006 NSW Open and the 2009 and 2010 Australia v New Zealand Skins Challenge.

If you have a proposal for a tournament or golfing event at Moore Park Golf, please contact the Moore Park Golf Office on (02) 9663 1064 or

Media backdrops

A number of commercial media outlets have used Moore Park Golf for promotions and backdrops for campaigns over the last few years.

If you are a media outlet interested in using the facilities at Moore Park Golf, please contact the Moore Park Golf Office on (02) 9663 1064 or